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Sushi Garden on Kingsway across from Metrotown is one of the busiest sushi restaurants in Burnaby. An busy generally means it must be good, right? Well, in this case that might hold true is the sushi is pretty good and certainly good value for the cost. However, don’t expect a fine dining experience as it feels like everyone is running on high adrenaline to meet the number of orders and the large crowd sitting and waiting along the front window.

Sushi Garden on Kingsway in Burnaby

Sushi Garden on Kingsway in Burnaby

We wanted to try one of their specialty rolls, thinking these wouldn’t be pre-prepared and extra time would go into making them compared with the generic California Rolls made en-mass. We chose the Chi Chee Roll, which is baked chicken and mozzarella that comes freshly cooked in tin foil. This roll was excellent but very, very rich. A perfect roll to share with a group of 4 people as two pieces of this rich-goodness were more than enough!


Chi Chee Roll – Baked chicken and mozzarella

The Ikamite Roll also caught our attention as the description was simply “cuttlefish tempura”. Despite being a special roll, this was only fairly good and for the price, next time will opt to go for one of the Dynamite Rolls or something different.

We also ordered two vegetarian rolls: an Avocado roll and a Yam Tempura Roll. Both were very good and were fairly well prepared. The Yam Tempura Roll had a bit of crunch to it, which is sometimes missing when the tempura has been sitting around for awhile.

Yam Tempura Roll and Avocado Roll. Both were yummy!

Yam Tempura Roll and Avocado Roll. Both were yummy!

Lastly, we ordered the Deluxe Assorted Sushi Combo which comes with Tuna Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri, Ebi Nigiri, Tako Nigiri, Ika Nigiri, Hokiaai Nigiri, Amaebi Nigiri, Chopped Scallop Nigiri, Hamachi Nigiri, a Tuna Roll, and a Salmon Roll. All pieces of the nigiri were pretty good but had a bit too much rice under them and the amount of wassabi was inconsistent between pieces, which definitely awoke the senses when there was too much. The seafood on top was tasty and overall, the experience of the nigiri was very positive. It would have been nice to have a piece of Unagi.

Ikamite Roll - Cuttlefish Tempura

Ikamite Roll – Cuttlefish Tempura.

The service was great and the food came very quickly. As mentioned, the staff are working on a heightened level of adrenaline and there is this feeling of being constantly watched by staff people waiting to see if you’re finished and get you out the door so your table is clear for the next group.

Despite the atmosphere, the food at Sushi Garden on Kingsway is pretty good and the prices are reasonable for what you get. I would definitely go back but might do so for a very late lunch or during a quieter time. Or, maybe takeout is the way to go with Sushi Garden.

Ate here on October 29, 2014

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7 responses to “Sushi Garden”

  1. CN says:

    This Sushi Garden at Kingsway is still the worst Sushi Garden in Vancouver. I have been going there occasionally in the last few years to see if they would improve but I was always disappointed. Service is the worst, food is the second worst. The attitude from the waitress made me feel like I was there to bet for food! Come on, I went there to spend MY MONEY, not asking for free food! Why the service can be so bad! I really have no idea why this location is still full of people. Perhaps they do not care about service and food quality?

  2. Teddy says:

    I will never go back to Sushi Garden. I have given them chance after chance after chance to address their customer service problems & the way that they handle the fish and the customers food. So we as a family have take our business to other amazing sushi places in the area.
    The quality of the food is poor, the experience (it’s chaos in there) and their attitude towards customers are poor.
    Over the years I he approached their staff about their customer service issues and they made rude koreanremarks under their breaths not knowing that my wife and I speak korean! It’s happened at all 3 of their locations! Crazy! It’s a leadership issue and a restaurant culture issue.

    No more for Sushi Garden.

  3. cj says:

    the lady was soo meen. if she had problem with the customer tell it to the customer in a low tune not like embarassed the custome infront of everybody. and before she complain to the customer that they have complain better teach some of the staff there how to pronounce the name properly. they just mad our dinner the most unforgetable dinner i had. i never ever tried writing a complain in my whole life but this time thats not acceptable we are the cuatomer they should treat as in a nice way not like embarassed to everybody. i will never ever come back there ever. ive been there in your place many times already but this is my first time to encounter a server if thats whats her position called. thanks for embarrasing us!!! we just left and let our food to go because you just ruined our night!

  4. Ryoko Ward says:

    Your food is very good, service excellent. Went there 3 times in 3 days. I love the metal art picture of fishes on your wall. I would like to know the artist name. Thank you.

  5. Adriana says:

    A waitress was very rude ever. I have never seen like that kind of waitress before.
    I and my friend were really uncomfortable. The waitress was glum face and she never say Thank you.
    Also she took our tea cups as start cleaning up the table, we even didn’t ready to leave.
    I knew that there usually are busy that’s why always kinda quick service but some waitresses are nice, but recently very awful. For sure I wouldn’t come back here.
    They must change a service.

  6. Bailey yang says:

    I called sushi garden to see if i could reserve a table, but the person on the phone said no and it would be really full so i was about to ask are their any other locations for sushi garden, they hung up, so i called again and tried to ask the same thing, they hung up again, how rude, i was about to go there to eat, but after their rude and unexpected customer service, i don’t think i want to go into the restaurant and have a meal.

  7. Greg says:

    I was here once before a while back and I remember a lot of mayonnaise. Hm I thought I would give it another try. So when I get there I have a seat the place is quite busy waitress comes over throws a menu on my table and walks away just as I was trying to say hello, rude. So I have my combo and it’s okay the rolls are large but there just full of rice and nothing special.
    As I am eating a young lady walks in with a baby stroller and is waiting to be seated there’s two guys milling around servers and they just ignore her I couldn’t believe it she must of been there for at least five minutes and she was ignored while the servers spoke in their native tongue. The two other ladies walk in that are the same culture as the servers and they are seated right away, rude! This lady with the baby stroller is standing there, ignored once again. Then a man walks in of the similar culture to the servers and he is seated, what! They finally say to the lady with the stroller, you want to sit down? This seems discriminatory to me and RUDE!!
    So the guy beside me asks the waiter for the bill and he says ya sure. Then these two male servers ignore his request and start speaking in their native tongue as they go around cleaning tables. The cleaned 5 tables and still did not go to get this guy his bill. He was just sitting there watching them clean tables, how RUDE!!! Really?
    I was so sick of this horrible service that I witnesses and at the fact that not once did a server come by to see if I needed anything that I left the money on the table and walked out. The worst service I have seen in 10 years!
    I don’t understand servers don’t care about customer service. I worked as a waiter and bartender for five years and customer service is important so I don’t know why people who don’t like providing service get jobs as servers it’s ridiculous go work in a cubicle or something. There’s amazing restaurants all over the the lower mainland and I refuse to spend my money at places that discriminate, give poor service and are RUDE!!!

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