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Yakko Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Yakko Sushi Japanese Restaurant is Permanently Closed.

#135E-6200 McKay Avenue (Station Square)
Burnaby, BC V5H 4L7
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(604) 430-6405

If you don’t take transit around Metrotown, chances are you have not seen Yakko Sushi, a small restaurant hidden in the corridor between the bus loop and Station Square. We had the company of Tiny Bites and family on this evening, which was a sushi reunion of sorts as I had last eaten at Yakko when Tiny Bites took me there 12 years ago. This restaurant has been open for quite a few years and judging by consistent traffic that kept coming in to eat or pickup takeout, they are quite popular.

Yakko Sushi in Station Square by Metrotown

Yakko Sushi is located in the corridor between the Metrotown Bus Loop and Station Square

The menu selection has a variety of sushi rolls, cones, nigiri, udon, and bento boxes and they also have a special menu with 4 sushi items and 4 items from the kitchen. We ordered the BC Combo, which came with a BC Roll, Salmon Roll, and Salmon, Tuna, and Ebi Nigiri and it was very good. We also ordered a few specialty items, including the Tower Sashimi (negitoro, avocado, spicy tuna, chopped scallop, cucumber, real crab, tobiko) and Ebi Love Roll (black tiger prawn covered on tempura prawn roll). The Ebi Love Roll was very delicious but it was the Tower Sashimi that stood out as looking spectacular, tasting great at first, but becoming difficult to eat after the first few bites with the last few bites tasting like a random mix of raw stuff. As novel as it was, we probably wouldn’t order the Tower Sashimi again.

The Ebi Love Roll

The Ebi Love Roll consists of black tiger prawn covered on tempura prawn roll

Tinybites and family were once regulars at Yakko Sushi and their orders of Udon, the Beef Teriyaki Bento Box, Scallop Cone, and the California Roll brought back memories for them. We sampled some of their food too and it was tasty, particular the udon which seemed quite flavourful compared to others.

For vegetarian options, we ordered the Avocado Roll and Mango Roll and they were ok, nothing special. A lot of restaurants put crab in their mango roll but this one had cream cheese instead, however cream cheese and sushi is an odd combination and becomes tiring after the first couple of pieces of a roll.

Scallop Cone, California Roll, and Avocado Roll

Scallop Cone, California Roll, and Avocado Roll

The service was fast, friendly, and very courteous, the prices were very reasonable for what you got, and we actually got a seat after waiting for only 15 minutes in this tiny restaurant that only has about 5 tables and some bar-stool seats along the window at the front. Despite a late dinner on a week night, the place never had an empty seat the entire time we were there.

We definitely will consider Yakko Sushi again for their fish and specialty rolls when passing through the Station Square area of Metrotown, although for vegetarian sushi, there might be some better options nearby.

Tower Sashimi

Tower Sashimi – negitoro, avocado, spicy tuna, chopped scallop, cucumber, real crab, tobiko – It looks incredible but you feel like you’re eating a mix of random raw stuff


Ate here on July 5, 2012

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  1. Austin says:

    I loved this place, grew up eating at Yakko- thanks for posting!!!

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