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Suite 1-4461 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z2 - map
Phone: (604) 299-2798
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Miki Sushi is located just west of the Petro Canada on the north side of Lougheed, just past the intersection with Willingdon in the Brentwood Mall area. The parking out front is very limited and usually crammed with people trying to get to Starbucks. They have a very decent selection of Japanese food on their menu, which includes several specialty rolls and vegetarian options.

Miki Sushi just west of Willingdon and Lougheed Highway

Miki Sushi just west of Willingdon and Lougheed Highway

We started by ordering 2 specialty rolls, the Tempura Unagi Roll and Dynamite Plus Roll. The Tempura Unagi Roll had BBQ Eel and avocado on top with prawn tempura, tobiko, and cucumber in the middle with unagi sauce and mayonnaise. This roll was pretty good and probably one of the best that we had. The eel and crispy prawn tempura made a good match that was paired well with the sauces.

The Dynamite Plus Roll had prawn tempura, avocado in the middle and spicy tuna, tobiko, and tempura batter on top, drizzled in spicy and unagi sauce. This roll was pretty good but it didn’t seem good enough to warrant paying extra from what a normal Dynamite Roll would cost. The spicy tuna was nice but the tempura batter was unnecessary and the sauces were a bit too much.

Appetizer Sashimi at Miki Sushi

Appetizer Sashimi at Miki Sushi

The other specialty roll we tried was the Vege Mango Roll, which has cucumber, lettuce, carrot, and spinach on the inside and mango and avocado on the top and drizzled in plum sauce. We found that there were too many items in this roll and no specific flavour really stood out. The roll itself wasn’t bad but for being considered a specialty roll, we found it quite uninspiring.

In addition to this vegetarian roll, we were quite disappointed with the Asparagus Roll as the asparagus in the middle was very chewy and bland.





Special Rolls at Miki Sushi

Special Rolls at Miki Sushi including the Tempura Unagi Roll (top) and Dynamite Plus (bottom)

It’s nice when sushi restaurants have an Appetizer Sashimi combo on the menu as sometimes you just feel like a few pieces of fish. The plate came with a mix of 6 different pieces, which was even better as some other restaurants only give salmon and tuna pieces. The Nigiri was pretty good and it was nice to try a small selection, although it was $5.95 for this small order, so is a bit on the pricey side.

Vege Mango Roll, Asparagus Roll, Smoked Salmon, and Inari

Vege Mango Roll, Asparagus Roll, Smoked Salmon, and Inari

The service was a bit on the slow side and the restaurant was not all that busy when we were there. The food arrived in a timely manner but it was difficult getting the server’s attention for more soya sauce and again at the end when we were trying to get the bill. The atmosphere is nice, especially since it has been renovated. With the limited parking outside, it’s not as busy as some of the other nearby restaurants and, therefore, a more peaceful dining experience in someways (if you’re into that!).

Overall, I’m not sure I’d return to Miki Sushi anytime soon as there is much better sushi in the area for the value. Still, if you live nearby within walking distance, it might not be a bad option for you for a quick bite.

Ate here on November 15th, 2014

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