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3978 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2J1 - map
Phone: (604) 473-7900
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I’ve heard a lot of people talk about Little Tokyo’s Sushi in North Burnaby along Hastings Street so it was about time we tried this restaurant. The menu has a large number of Bento Boxes, Combos, and Main Courses which include teriyaki meat options with rice and stir-fry vegetables. It seems that a lot of people order these meals, however there is still a full page of sushi rolls and nigiri offering a wide assortment of food options.

Little Tokyo's Sushi on Hastings in Burnaby

Little Tokyo’s Sushi on Hastings in Burnaby

There wasn’t a specialty roll section but we found a couple of different roll names scanning through the list of sushi. First was the Cobra Roll, which had unagi inside and salmon skin on the top. The salmon skin offered a nice, crunchy contrast to the soft BBQ eel on the inside and the roll tasted pretty good. The second roll we tried was the Golden Roll which had spicy tuna and tempura bits on the inside with orange on top. This was the first time having orange on sushi and it was great, if you like oranges. The orange was not over powering but it definitely stood out and went well with the crunchy tempura on the inside.

Special Rolls at Little Tokyo's Sushi. Top left: Golden Roll (with orange on top), Far right: Cobra Roll, Bottom: BC Roll

Special Rolls at Little Tokyo’s Sushi. Top left: Golden Roll (with orange on top), Far right: Cobra Roll, Bottom: BC Roll

We rounded out the order with some common rolls, like the BC Roll and a Vegetable Combo, which consisted of a Vegetable Roll, Yam Roll, and Avocado Roll. All of these rolls tasted average and we were a bit disappointed with them in general because of all the hype we had heard about this restaurant. What was really good were the Gyoza and the order of Agedashi Tofu, as the tofu was crispy on the outside and nicely done, compared to some places where it’s not cooked long enough. This made us think that the items to order are the main courses and bento boxes.

Vegetarian Rolls at Little Tokyo's Sushi

Vegetarian Rolls at Little Tokyo’s Sushi

The restaurant is nice inside with several tables in front of an open area where the sushi chef is working away. Service was quick and friendly and there were lots of people coming and going with takeout orders as we ate.

Overall, we found Little Tokyo’s Sushi to be fairly average, even with the two specialty rolls we tried. We are still suspicious that the better items are the kitchen items, the beef teriyaki on rice with stir-fry vegetables and the bento boxes with teriyaki chicken, especially since the Agedashi Tofu was the highlight of our dinner.

Gyoza at Little Tokyo's Sushi

Gyoza at Little Tokyo’s Sushi

Ate here on November 17th, 2012

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