L.A. Sushi

8671 10 Avenue, Burnaby, BC V3N 2S9 - map
Phone: (604) 777-9555
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L.A. Sushi is located in a small strip mall on the border of Burnaby and New Westminster along 10th Avenue. It’s a small restaurant with only about 5 tables inside, a couple of staff, and a big gum ball machine at the door.

L.A. Sushi

L.A. Sushi in the Cariboo area of Burnaby

We ordered Combo B with a BC Roll, 1 Tuna Nigiri, 1 Salmon Nigiri, 1 Ebi Nigiri, and 1 Red Snapper Nigiri, as well as the specialty Crispy Roll and a Crazy Hand Roll (Cone). The BC Roll was tasty and the Nigiri was really good and well put together with large pieces of fish. The Crispy Roll was ok as I found the crunchy pieces to be rather dry and while it was fine for the first few pieces, it became tiring near the end. The Crazy Hand Roll was a spicy salmon and tuna cone, which was very delicious, as I quite enjoyed the mix of fish.

Crazy Cone

Crazy Cone – A spicy mix of Salmon and Tuna

For vegetarian sushi, we ordered an Avocado Roll, a Seaweed Roll, a Mango Roll, Inari, and a small dish of Gomae. We were not impressed with the Seaweed Roll and Mango Roll as the seaweed was too bland and the mango roll just had mango and was very plain. However, the Avocado Roll was good and the Gomae was very smooth and delicious.

Vegetarian options

Vegetarian options – Mango Roll, Avocado Roll, Inari, and Seaweed Roll

The service was very good and as the restaurant became busier with patrons and takeout orders, the small staff of two did a great job of juggling various tasks to ensure good service. The atmosphere was a bit plain and nothing special, although it was very clean inside.

L.A. Sushi has a bit of a luxury as they are the only sushi restaurant in this neighbourhood, With their limited seating and decent but not spectacular sushi, this restaurant felt like a good option to order sushi to take out.

Crispy Roll

Crispy Roll

Ate here on August 10th, 2012

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