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4567 Lougheed Highway (Brentwood Mall), Burnaby, BC V5C 5X3 - map
Phone: (604) 299-2992
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Fast, friendly, and convenient is what you hope for when getting sushi in the food court of a mall. Ichimi Sushi is located on the upper floor of Brentwood Mall, just outside of London Drugs, and they offer a selection of rolls, nigiri, and combos for lunch, dinner, or takeout.

Ichimi Sushi located in Brentwood Mall

Ichimi Sushi located in Brentwood Mall

We ate the Smoked Salmon Roll and a BC Combo, which came with a Tuna Roll, a Salmon, and Tuna Nigiri. We also ordered the Vegetarian Combo, which included a Cucumber Roll, Avocado Roll, Vegetable Roll, and one Inari. The food was decent and what you would expect from a fast-service place in a mall.

Smoked Salmon Roll, BC Roll, Tuna Roll, and Salmon & Tuna Nigiri

From top Left Clockwise – Smoked Salmon Roll, BC Roll, Tuna Roll, and Salmon & Tuna Nigiri

You are given a couple of small plastic cups with soya sauce but be sure to fill them up higher if you want more, otherwise you will find yourself carrying the little cups across the food court to get a re-fill halfway through your meal.

Vegetarian Combo

The Vegetarian Combo

If you’re in a rush (as we were) and are in Brentwood Mall, Ichimi is a good sushi option. It’s also a good option for taking some sushi home for dinner if you have been shopping. However, if you have a bit more time and want to enjoy a nice meal, there are other nearby options worth exploring.

Ichimi Sushi - Vegetable Combo

Ichimi Sushi – Vegetable Combo


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