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High Gate Village, Level 2, 221-7155 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1E0 - map
Phone: (604) 540-8646
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Located on the 2nd level of High Gate Village (near the Save On Foods entrance) along east Kingsway, Fresh Box Sushi is a tiny hole-in-the-wall. The sushi restaurant primarily provides take-out as there are only 10 chairs at a few tables to sit in the cramped quarters with a few additional tables outside. We did decide to eat inside though but the atmosphere was not enjoyable as we had to push two small tables together to make enough room for three people, there was a huge pool of soy sauce on the floor, a constant stream of people coming in to order and pickup food, and you had to stand up and order at the cash register. Aside from this, let’s talk about the food.

Fresh Box Sushi & Rolls in Burnaby

Fresh Box Sushi in Burnaby

Fresh Box Sushi & Rolls in Burnaby

Sushi Rolls at Fresh Box Sushi in Burnaby

Sometimes you feel like a Sushi Cone or three, so it was nice that they had the Sushi Cone Combo, which consisted of a California Cone, Salmon Cone, and Veggie Cone. The California Cone was very good and the Salmon Cone was pretty good but the Veggie one was a bit bland.

Fresh Box Sushi & Rolls

The Cone Combo at Fresh Box Sushi

Lastly, we tried a few vegetarian options, like the Avocado Roll and Yam Tempura Roll. The Avocado Roll was good and worth trying again, however the Yam Tempura was dry and we didn’t even finish it.

Fresh Box Sushi is a great place if you’re looking for quick, cheap, takeout sushi to get your sushi fix. Even though we sat inside, our food came extremely quickly, so quickly that half of our order must have already been pre-made. There are plenty of other sushi restaurants along Kingsway in Burnaby, so if you’re looking for good food, I’d recommend going elsewhere.

Ate here on September 21st, 2015

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