Asakusa Sushi

4729 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2C3 - map
Phone: (604) 436-5505
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Located along the north side of Kingsway across from Metropolis, Asakusa Sushi is one of a handful of Japanese restaurants in the area in stiff competition with each other. The menu is quite large with a selection of Sushi Rolls, Nigiri, Robata (BBQ), Pan Fried Noodles, Donburis, and even a Vegetarian section that makes it easy to choose from the meatless options.

Exterior and Interior of Asakusa Sushi

Exterior and Interior of Asakusa Sushi across from Metrotown.

For fish options, we ordered the BC Combo which came with a BC Roll, 2 Salmon, 2 Tuna, and 2 Ebi Nigiri. The Nigiri was tasty and so was the BC Roll but the roll was way too big, making it difficult to eat as several pieces fell apart. We also ordered one specialty roll called the Dragonfly Roll, which is a Dynamite Roll with Unagi on top. Again, the rolls were too big with too much rice, so while bites of this roll were tasty, it was difficult to enjoy each piece as a whole. We also ordered an appetizer of Yakitori (chicken on skewers) which was very delicious!

Asakusa Sushi

The BC Combo with Salmon, Tuna, and Ebi Nigiri at Asakusa Sushi

The vegetarian sushi we ordered included the Yam Tempura Roll, Cheese and Avocado Roll, and the Asparagus Roll, which was a bit deceiving because the asparagus ended up being deep fried tempura. The Yam Tempura and Asparagus Roll were good but the Cheese and Avocado Roll had too much cream cheese in it, overpowering all of the potential sushi flavours. The rolls again were all too big and, in particular, were cut so they were too large.

Vegetarian Roll Options at Asakusa Sushi

Vegetarian Roll Options at Asakusa Sushi

Service was great, the prices were decent, but the sushi was average. We can’t say the food was bad but the specialty roll wasn’t that special and it’s always difficult to enjoy sushi when the rolls are made too big.

Dragonfly Roll at Asakusa Sushi

Dragonfly Roll (Dynamite Roll with Unagi on the outside) at Asakusa Sushi

Ate here on August 4th, 2012

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  1. Lin says:

    It was a horrible experience! Bad service and a bit old sashimi! I don’t recommend it at all! The only server in the store saw me was standing at the front door and she didn’t try to say hi or whatever to me. After I found a seat that face to the window by myself, she didn’t even try to give me the menu! I came towards her and asked for the menu at the end. Because of the sunlight, I asked her if I could change the seat. She replied me impatiently:” just wait!” I ordered sashimi for 1 and prawns tempura. I only ate half of the sashimi because I can see they were old. The prawns tempura was ok but used too much flour. I only paid 10% tips cause I felt there was no service at all! By the time I paid my bill, I gave the pos machine to her and told her “thank you”. She didn’t said anything back to me!

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